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The Bükk Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired was established in summer 2019
"right in the heart of a forest” and headquartered in Omassa, Hungary. The Association 
came to being to render assistance and support to the blind and partially sighted community
living in and around the Bükk mountains. We wish to take an active part in resolving some 
of the problems that may arise in the everyday lives of such people. We are on the lookout
for theoretical as well as practical solutions to help the blind and visually impaired find their
way back to society, once they might have drifted away from it as a result of this handicap.
We do our utmost to make life easier for these hard hit people. Our goal is to pull down the 
obstacles that prevent them from living a complete life.
The legal service we operate was designed to keep the blind and partially sighted informed
about the benefits they are entitled to, making sure they actually get them.
For further information about our work, please visit Facebook or other platforms. Write 
to us with any comment or suggestion that may make life easier for our companions.
Let's make the world liveable together!


Kind regards,

Peter Takács

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